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Services for Government
PKH Enterprises
PKH Enterprises provides subject matter expertise to solve some of the Government's most complex problems.
Services for Business
PKH Enterprises
PKH Enterprises offers a range of consulting and compliance services for government contracting firms and health care providers to help stay compliant with ever changing government regulations.
Insider Threat Program Development
PKH Enterprises
PKH Enterprises employs certified Insider Threat Program Managers who can assess your company's weaknesses and risks in order to prescribe an appropriate course of action to safeguard your assets against an insider attack.
PKH Enterprises (PKH) is a small, woman-owned professional services firm dedicated to helping clients address challenging policy and technology issues. The PKH team is comprised of professionals with varied backgrounds combining legal, policy and technical expertise and offers the services and experience of business process engineers, senior subject matter experts and certified project managers. Our diverse capabilities help our clients improve performance and achieve innovative solutions to their most complex business problems. Our clients turn to us as partners and trusted advisors, and depend on our ability to anticipate, recognize and address their specific needs. PKH has a reputation for excellence and remains dedicated to generating successful results for tasks at all levels of project execution. The PKH team offers the strategic guidance and support our clients need to succeed in accomplishing their mission objectives, directly impacting the quality of our client’s products. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients make the best possible decisions resulting in good policy and implementation with effective and efficient business processes.