Aug 27, 2020

Developments In 5G

With 5G comes a host of new innovation: Greater precision and improved reaction times in drones and autonomous vehicles, new wearable tech with additional features, advances and greater adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart city developments, and remote healthcare. 5G also ushers in a new age of smart warfighter. Soldiers on the ground can see the electronic picture that a pilot overhead is seeing. Warfighters will also be able to transfer time-sensitive data between operational units within a combat zone and the combatant commanders. This will provide a complete battle system understanding to the leadership to allow better and faster responses in a fluid combat situation. 5G can afford the warfighter complete, near real-time, connectivity from the soldier on the ground to the mechanized assets roaming the battlefield and even airborne assets. The same speed and situational awareness will be utilized by our first responders. Such developments can alter the world as we know it.

From an innovation standpoint, 5G is a game changer, however, from a cybersecurity standpoint, 5G is a definite risk to our privacy and security. IoT Devices such as refrigerators, thermometers, thermostats, and even light bulbs, will be able to come online because of 5G connectivity. Users will be able to remotely check on these appliances and monitor their entire homes through a simple app. But these devices can also be usurped by malicious characters. This increased connectivity and power could see big name sites down for days, or even affect city or national utility capabilities. End to End Encryption (E2EE) is a vital part of the complete 5G network system. Imagine some malicious character hacking into your car and disabling the brakes or utilizing your home's IoT devices to determine when you are gone.  5G is not as simple as buying a phone and accessing the internet - This is why we must have the proper Subject Matter Experts in place and a precise course of action in line in order to overcome all future challenges of our 5G networks.

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