Dec 7, 2020

Holiday Planning from an Insider Threat Specialists Perspective

When I stop to think about it, preparing for the holidays is a lot like preparing to encounter an insider threat; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Yes, I know that is an old clichéd saying, but however cheesy it may be it is still true.Being alone, thinking of lost loved ones, the list goes on. Having a plan to get through those hard times that you know are coming up is vital. Many people and organizations hide their heads in the sand until they are forced into reaction mode, and those unplanned, forced reactions almost never lead to a desirable outcome. Having a game plan to face multiple issues when the time arises is always going to give you the best odds to succeed.

Speaking of odds, there is one industry that rarely fails to prepare for an insider threat, and often times they expect it….the gambling industry. They know no matter how well the screen an employee there will be degrees of theft among their staff. They simply look to stop the big thefts.  On the other hand, some agencies and organizations, especially the ones where most of the employees hold a high clearance, can be lulled into a sense that none of their employees would make even that small transgression.  It goes back to the head in the sand reference. A small transgression in our world can have major consequences. That is why insider threat programs should ALWAYS be planning. And just remember, there’s always time to plan…until the-you-know-what hits the fan!

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