Feb 4, 2021

Cyberattacks causing many small companies to go out of business!

During the present-day digital transformation, cybercrime is becoming the number one form of criminal activity. “43% of online attacks are aimed at small businesses” and many aren’t prepared to defend themselves during these attacks! It is recommended that small business owners look into privacy programs to help support and protect vital information. When owning a business I’m sure the last thing you’re thinking about is someone hacking into your computer system when you’re busy catering to customers and clients needs.

A lot of small business owners are unaware of how to prevent cybercrimes and just how severe they can be. “From mobile desktop interactions, cybercriminals can launch thousands of digital attacks designed to compromise your operations at every turn” and these attacks can cost businesses’ over $200,000.

 Door Dash, a popular food delivery app, went through a major data breach in September of 2020 where hackers gained access to sensitive data from more than 4.9 million customers, which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars to recover.

 Data privacy has always been important but now more than ever. Businesses hold records and personal information for millions of customers. It should be a main priority to keep this information as safe and protected as possible, not only to save the customer from an unfortunate attack but to keep the company’s reputation untarnished.


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