Aug 2, 2021

Building an insider threat program start with understanding your risks

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing an insider threat program.  Every insider threat program must take into consideration the unique threats that are particular to that organization.  For example, a government agency might be most concerned with the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive or classified information while a financial institution might be more concerned with theft or fraud. 

 Identifying insider threat risks in these different scenarios requires different tactics and detection techniques.  To protect against loss of information or theft of intellectual property, you may need to focus your efforts on data exfiltration or digital loss prevention.  Whereas protecting against financial crimes may require more focus on auditing accounts and transactions. 

 To build a successful insider threat program, you first have to understand what you need to protect and where your greatest threats come from.  This process starts with understanding your critical assets.  Start by making a list of your critical assets – those things that are the most valuable to your organization.  Critical assets can include tangible things like property, information, facilities and personnel, but they can also include intangible things like brand and reputation.

 Once you’ve identified what you need to protect, you can begin developing strategies and techniques to monitor and protect those assets.

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